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PLC and HMI Programming

Our in-house Controls Engineers specialize in PLC Logic and HMI development for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. We work directly with clients from developing a controls conception to start-up and all the way through implementation.

Our Controls Engineers are experienced in integrating into existing process systems and establishing communications with controls components plant-wide.

We design user-friendly HMI screens and layout to provide real-time information and control to plant operators. We also offer custom, full color graphics and animation to display equipment controls, system data, Hand-Off-Auto controls for systems components, and PID Loop control. Our HMI’s leverage plant-wide security platforms to provide safe and accountable operations.

Batching Solutions

No two-batch applications are the same. In the most simplistic cases, control requirements can be fixed sequencing with little to no parameter modification needed. In the most complex scenarios, there can be multiple combinations of products, procedures and pathways, which may require arbitration management across an entire plant.

FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk Batch provides efficient, predictable batch processing, consistency between batches, and generation of event information during batch runs.

In order to optimize your plant operations, you need a scalable control and information solution to meet batch-processing needs, all the variations in between, and the ability to provide actionable data.

FactoryTalk Batch process management lets you reuse code, recipes, phases, and logic between processes with similar procedures. It brings all facets of batch automation and process management together, providing the most comprehensive batch management software available.

FactoryTalk Batch can improve quality and increase production in many industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, heavy industry, and pulp and paper.

FactoryTalk Batch combines the ISA S88 standard with proven technology that provides the flexibility you need to supply your product to market faster.

  • Create and manage recipes and execute them automatically
  • Reduce the hours needed for validating and commissioning
  • Configure physical and procedural models
  • Integrate with a wide variety of complementary software applications
  • Collect detailed electronic batch data about your process to generate detailed reports
  • Integrate and exchange batch and recipe information with corporate information systems
  • Simulate your entire batch process

Data Management

We offer data collection software packages, hardware, network configuration, and implementation. We meet the demand for accurate, real-time, and historical data collection. Our user-friendly interface also provides data backup and disaster recovery procedures.

FactoryTalk Historian Classic

FactoryTalk Historian Classic helps manufacturers to increase quality, reduce waste, and better control manufacturing processes.

Responding to customer requests through an accessible online record is vital to your success and growth.

With FactoryTalk Historian Classic, you can harness the vast volume of data produced in the control systems that run your plant.

  • Connect to any control system or human-machine-interface (HMI) software
  • Collect data at high speeds, in real-time, and at full resolution
  • Optimize manufacturing processes through the analysis of historical data
  • Collect, store, analyze, and visualize data using a powerful engine and a set of reporting tools
  • Retrieve data quickly over a short or long time span

Brains and Brawn

Beyond programming logic: we test, install, and commission too.

UL508A Panel Shop

Leave the hard wiring to us. We design control panels and select equipment based on your needs.

We design and build quality control panels in our UL508A certified Panel Shop. All panels are designed, assembled, wired, and tested by our experienced technicians.

We provide electrical schematic diagrams and layout drawings with all panels.

Factory Testing

We offer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) on all systems before leaving our facility. This ensures the contract and all specification requirements are met, and provides fast and efficient start-ups.

Our factory testing has proven to increase production uptime during installation by solving problems before a system is shipped.

You will have peace of mind knowing all of our modular skids leave our facility assembled, tested, and ready for installation.

Start-up & Commissioning

Our control systems engineers and electrical technicians provide field installation, troubleshooting and start-up.

We take commission beyond startup support by providing classroom simulator-based training and hands on training for operators, maintenance and supervisors.

We are here to ensure your system runs smoothly long after commissioning. We provide maintenance, system documentation, warranty, and support for your long term success.

Trans-Market’s control systems engineers provided a depth of knowledge and experience throughout our Factory Talk Batch implementation. We continue to receive exceptional support and training after commissioning that has proven to be an asset. Trans-Market is our preferred automation integrator and we highly recommend them, except to our competition! - Plant Manager,
Fortune 100 Beverage Manufacturer

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