Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

Happy New Year! 2019 is a special year at Trans-Market, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. It’s an important milestone for us, so we thought we’d look back a little to see how far we’ve come.

1969 was a big year around the world: the first man walked on the moon, the Beatles performed in public for the last time, and Concorde was testing its supersonic jets. The history of the world took a lot of turns that year, with technological change at the center of it all. 

There was yet another important event that year: Tom Santi, the founding president, opened Trans-Market’s doors. Since that date, the company has changed and evolved along with the world around it, in many significant ways, but our core values have remained the same: providing quality products and first-class service to the greatest customers in the world.

A little history

Tom Santi started Trans-Market with humble beginnings and a focus on distribution, installation and maintenance in the dairy, beverage and food industries. The company would take designs created by other people and provide and install equipment to create flawless process systems. His son Keith Santi worked by his side on the weekends during high school and college, with a few friends who were instrumental in the early growth and some are still working at Trans-Market today.

After Keith graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree, he added on Engineering, Automation and Electrical capabilities to the company and the first evolution took place, allowing Trans-Market to become a provider of turnkey process systems, from idea to installation, including maintenance too. Leveraging our own unique designs and provisioning all the equipment allowed Trans-Market to manage a plant installation from beginning to end.

The main office location was built in 1981. Keith still remembers looking at the new building and thinking: “what are we going to do with all of this space?” Little did he know at the time that Trans-Market would be able to grow and expand to seven locations!

As a member of the Krones Group, Trans-Market leverages the global backing of Krones to continue applying our processing expertise. Lead by the third-generation of our founder, we are proud to carry our family legacy of providing quality service and sound design. Our success is based on repeat business from satisfied customers.

Despite this grand evolution over the past five decades, the culture and standards at Trans-Market have remained the same. Always putting the customer first is the credo that has allowed us to grow to where we are today.

Success is a team result

Of course, success isn’t the result of one person’s efforts. Trans-Market was able to grow because of all the hard work undertaken by colleagues, our dedicated customers and our committed partners. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank all of you for your support and dedication over the years.

Trans-Market has grown to heights never imagined in the early days of 1969, but like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's first steps on the lunar surface, it was the company’s ability to look to the future and evolve that got us where we are today. What’s the secret of our success? We still remember where we came from. Thank you to all the current and former employees who make Trans-Market a family and for all your commitment, dedication and hard work.

Reflecting back on the last five decades, the fondest memories are always about the times where we were able to help clients achieve their goals. While we look ahead to many successful years, we are so thankful for the years we’ve had and all the excitement 2019 will bring.

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